Perth SuperSake Festival 10th September 2017


On Sunday the 10th of December, we attended the SuperSake Festival, which was held in the outdoor dining area at Tsunami Restaurant in Mosman Park.

The tickets were free online, and then entry was $15, which included ten tasting tokens.


Although it was billed as a sake event, there were also a range of Japanese beers, whiskies, shochu and liqueurs to be sampled. We wandered around and tried something from each station. Some of the super-premium samples cost two tokens instead of only one. I am not the greatest nihonshu drinker, but did like some of the fruity alcohols. As well as having umeshu (plum wine) to try, there were also yuzu and mikan flavoured liqueurs.

The food options were fairly limited but tasty. Each item cost $5 (or $10 for curry), and we tried the okonomiyaki sticks, seafood sticks, bao, takoyaki and beef sinew curry. IMG_3718

The seafood stick was pleasingly kamaboko flavoured, and the okonomiyaki stick surprisingly successful. They didn’t have aonori or katsuoboshi flakes though which always make okonomiyaki and takoyaki taste a bit more exciting.

We only stayed for an hour or so, as there weren’t any other activities or entertainment. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon.

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